Wednesday, April 14, 2010

DIY: Give a KICK@** Maid Of Honor Speech

JT here formally known as the "Maid of Honor" to recount my speech giving experience for WW's Reception!!!

I'm pictured here on the right (I'm the girl). Yes, this was at the wedding and no I don't remember taking this picture but anyway... I digress...

So my speech: I'll be honest, I was four drinks in when I gave it and I ended up not using any of the versions of the speech I had intended (there were three) but if I say so myself people really loved it.

A few guidelines for giving a great speech:

  • MAX IT OUT AT 3 MINUTES. Mine was 2:22 exactly. I even said at the beginning that I would keep it short just so I remembered to do just that.
  • Use an anecdote. Relate it to recent events, music, movie, something that the crowd can really relate to.
  • Just talk about the couple. Like how you met them, your interactions and observations.
  • Make a take away. I wanted to make my speech a "What I learned about love from ____ and ____." People were really into that. I mean you should be able to find something from every couple because why else would they be getting married unless they had been putting something extraordinary into the relationship.
  • Use a format: beginning, middle and end (resolution). I was on the speech team in high school and my favorite competition was the impromptu speech. Impromptu speech was always 2 minutes long and you were always supposed to lead in with a few explanations, some witty observation and end it with a learning point. I somehow managed to pull out that formula (unbeknownst to me).
If you want some more points about speech making or would like me to type out some parts of my speech, I might just do that...


  1. Very good points and I tried to model mine in a similar way too when I was a MOH. Love that picture!

  2. Thanks! I tried to show off my MOH shoes ( I LOVE THEM ).


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