Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Westside Wedding and Google RSVP wedding form!

My dearest readers,
I am so sorry for being MIA the past few months, once the 3 month mark hit all of a sudden work was extremely busy and wedding planning took over all my free time. I got so busy that I did not even have time to respond to personal emails which for me is crazy because I have an iphone! So I am so sorry about being MIA but I promise to blog about everything as soon as the wedding is over which is in 17 days! AH! But until then I will try to post about some more resources that have helped me along the way, most relate to my precious iPhone andGoogle.  Without further adeu I present you google form for RSVP!  If I could have only done online RSVP I would have but I was not sure that some of our guests would be down with it. These are some of the reasons that I liked about creating an RSVP form through google:

  1. Linking the form to any website & therefor not being limited to any certain wedding website.
  2. Choosing exactly what I want the RSVP form to say.
  3. Being able to change the form at any time. In my case my parents had first said it was up to us what we wanted for the food so we chose stations & buffet, one month before the wedding they tell us they want sit down dinner, this was a problem considering we did not ask our guests what they wanted because we were doing buffet but for guests who went online we were able to update the form and ask them what their food choice was.
  4. Making questions mandatory like leaving a comment he he!
  5. The items in the form get automatically put into a google document that you can share with your significant other, you can get notified as soon as someone submits the form and you can use the information on the excel for placecards, thank you cards etc.
Screen shots:

How to make your own google form: Directions are here.

The link from our website:

The first page of the form, it asks for the person's name & email address. I created the form to take the person to a certain page depending on their answer. If they delightfully accept it then goes to the next page2, if they regretfully decline then it takes them to the last page and asks them to leave a comment.

If the delightfully accept then it takes them to Page 2 .

 Page 2: Asks what is their guest name, the type of meal they would like and if they are staying at the hotel. If they are staying at a hotel it takes them to a page that asks what hotel, if they answer no then it takes them straight to the last page to leave a comment.

If they answered yes to "Will you be staying at Hotel", they are taken to another page that asks them for their hotel info. We wanted this so we know where to take the OOT boxes.

No matter what they answer in any question, the last page is always the same - leave us a comment :-) This is my FAV! I love getting the comments :-)

Once the form is submitted it gives them a message from us thanking them for their RSVP

All the info is in a nice google doc!


  1. We miss you! I had been waiting to email you back when I successfully made the 3 column template but have failed thus far so no reply (so frustrating and there's so much code!)

    I used Google forms for the RSVP and LOVED it! Love the design on yours!

  2. 17 Days! Wow! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  3. I have totally missed you, but so completely understand! I have been crazy busy, too :( We are 22 days out now! Anyhow, I am not familiar with Google Forms at all but love how you were able to use it. Sounds like such a great tool. I originally wanted all of our RSVP's through our wedding web site but Mr Fix It wasn't totally on board. So I went ahead and came up with our ideas for the little photo RSVP cards. Love them.

    Can't wait to see everything come together for your big day!

  4. WOW I can't believe it's so soon! Totally understandable you not being's a crazy time in your life! Can't wait to hear about everything. Take a deep breath and enjoy it all sweetie!!! :)

  5. wow the form and organization of information is genius! your day is so soon, hope you enjoy it!!


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